Current research

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics of the University of Warwick.
My research interests cover:

  • Representation of uncertainty motivated by the use of outer (probability) measures as a way of capturing both deterministic and random sources of uncertainty (see [12, 14, 17, 24] and [S1, S3, S4])
  • Bayesian Statistics and Monte Carlo methods, in particular multilevel and multi-index Monte Carlo methods for the approximation of filtering and smoothing distributions related to differential equations with randomness (see [11, 13, 22] and [S5])
  • Spatial point processes and their application to the representation of populations made of a random number of individuals, each having a random state, with a focus on the representation of specific information about individuals via point processes on the space of probability measures (see [16, 20] and [R5] as well as [7, 9, 19] for applications)
  • Statistical analysis and methodology for the estimation of multi-object dynamical systems with, more specifically, the study of the identifiability of parameters in these systems (see [21] and [S2])

I am also on the Editorial Board of Statistics and Computing and of the AIMS journal Foundations of Data Science.

Recent collaborators


I was the co-chair of the First International Summer School on Finite Set Statistics, held in Edinburgh from the 22nd to the 26th of July 2013 (Lecture notes).


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